Program at a Glance (subject to change)

Saturday, March 1 

7:30AM-8:30AM   Registration and Welcome  
8:30AM-10:00AM   Session I  
10:05AM-10:15AM   Refreshment Break  
10:15AM-1140AM   Session II  
11:40AM-12:40PM   Lunch  
12:40PM-2:20PM   Session III  
2:20PM-2:35PM   Refreshment Break  
2:35PM-4:15PM   Session IV  
4:15PM   Educational sessions adjourn for the day  
4:15PM-5:00PM   Networking Reception  

Preliminary Program (subject to change)

8:30   Introduction Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD, Jack Dodick, MD
8:33   Cataract Surgery Then and Now Jack Dodick, MD

8:45-9:40 Surgical Management of Astigmatism
Moderator: Larry Sperber, MD Panel: Jimmy Lee, MD, Christopher Starr, MD 

8:45   How to Read a Topography, the Effect of Astigmatism on Visual Results, How Commonly Astigmatism is Seen in the Cataract Population Kerry Solomon, MD
8:55   Case Studies and Panel Discussion of Topography  
9:00   Limbal Relaxing Incisions—Manual and Femtosecond Laser Astigmatic Incisions, Managing Over and Under Corrections, Perforations, Nomograms, and Websites to Use Video presentation of how to mark and perform a LRI Eric Donnenfeld, MD
9:10   Toric IOLs Currently Available, Patient Selection, Preoperative Planning of Magnitude and Axis, Techniques to Mark the Axis, Nomograms, and Toric Calculator Preeya Gupta, MD
9:21   Video Presentation of How to Mark and Perform a Toric IOL Kerry Solomon, MD
9:25   How to Deal With IOL Rotation/Misalignment
Case presentation and panel discussion
9:30   Laser Vision Correction for Astigmatism Following Cataract Surgery - How to Perform PRK
Video presentation of how to perform a PRK
Larry Sperber, MD

9:40-10:00 Improving Outcomes With Advanced IOL Calculations
Moderator Richard Koplin, MD Panel: Yvonne Abdella, ROUB, James Auran, MD Robert Shultze, MD 

9:40   Case Presentation Richard Koplin, MD
9:43   Modern IOL Formulas: IOL Calculation in Post-Keratorefractive Patients, Long and Short Eyes Douglas Koch, MD
9:52   Does Corneal Spherical Aberration Matter? Douglas Koch, MD
9:57   Basic Introduction to Intraoperative Aberrometry Eric Donnenfeld, MD
10:00   Break  

10:15-10:45 Enhancements Following Cataract Surgery
Moderator Kira Manusis, MD Panel: Sherleen Chen, MD, Suqin Guo, MD, Dan Hu, MD 

10:15   IOL Exchange, Piggyback IOLS, Incisional Surgery, Excimer Laser Photoablation Bonnie An Henderson, MD
10:25   Case Presentations of IOL Exchange
(Folding an IOL)
Bonnie An Henderson, MD
10:35   PRK Versus LASIK for Enhancement Robert Pineda, MD
10:40   Video Presentation of a Piggyback IOL
Panel discussion

10:45-11:40 Incorporating Presbyopia-Correcting IOLs Into Your Clinical Practice
Moderator: Lisa Park, MD Panel: Sherleen H. Chen, MD, Gerald Zaidman, MD 

10:45   Review of Multifocal IOLs and Accommodating IOLs Available in U.S. and Basic Principles and Techniques for IOL Insertion
(Folding an IOL)
Douglas Koch, MD, Elizabeth Yeu, MD
11:00   Review Patient Selection and Preoperative Testing/Work-up/Exam (topography, OCT), Judging and Aligning Patient Expectations: Indications and Contraindications Tal Raviv, MD
11:10   Managing the Unhappy Patient Following Presbyopia-Correcting IOL Implantation and What to Do/How to Approach It Douglas Koch, MD
11:20   Panel Discussion
11:25   How to Perform an IOL Exchange (cutting) David Ritterband, MD
11:30   Optimizing the Ocular Surface in Cataract Surgery Christopher Starr, MD

11:40-12:40 Lunch

12:40 ASCRS for the Young Ophthalmologist
Elizabeth Yeu, MD 

12:50-1:45 Femtosecond Cataract Surgery
Moderator: Doug Lazzarro, MD Panel: Caroline Alexander, MD, Sagun Pendse, MD, Wuqaas Munir, MD 

12:50   Overview of Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery: What Technology is Available and Peer Review Literature of Advantages and Disadvantages
Video Presentation of Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery
Eric Donnenfeld, MD
1:05   Changes in Phacoemulsification Techniques in Patients Who Have had Femtosecond Laser Surgery — Surgical Steps and how it’s Different from Conventional Phacoemulsification Kerry Solomon, MD
1:15   Video Presentation of Phacoemulsification Following Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery  
1:25   How do I Integrate Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery Into My Own Practice— Informed Consent, Patient Flow, Finances, and Surgical Time Kerry Solomon, MD
1:35   Panel Discussion  

1:45-2:20 Introduction to MIGS
Moderator: Nathan Radcliffe, MD Panel: Robert Honkanen, MD, Kerry Solomon, MD, Valerie Trubnik, MD  

1:45   What Technology is Currently Available. What will Likely Be Approved Shortly Robert Noecker, MD
2:00   How to Implant a Trabecular Micro Bypass
Video presentation of how to implant an iStent
Robert Noecker, MD
2:10   The Changing Landscape of Glaucoma Surgery
Panel discussion
2:20   Break  

2:35-4:15 Managing the Complex Cataract Patient
Moderator Herbert Ingraham, MD Panel: Jessica Chow, MD, Grace Sun, MD, Laurence R. Weissman, MD 

2:35   Small Pupil Management Including IFIS Robert Honkanen, MD
2:45   Video Presentation of Malyugin Ring and Hooks Bonnie An Henderson, MD
2:55   Viscoelastic Choices to Improve Surgical Outcomes Lisa Park, MD
3:05   Zonular Instability—How to Evaluate and Use a Capsule Tension Ring, Ahmed -Segment, and Cionni Ring Elizabeth Yeu, MD, Douglas Koch, MD
3:30   My Favorite Complex Cataract Surgery Case and Lessons Presenters: Bonnie An Henderson, MD Douglas Koch, MD Richard Koplin, MD Doug Lazzaro, MD David Ritterband, MD Kerry Solomon, MD